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Peace Project (english version)

Among the objectives proposed by the CIF Association and therefore also the Italian section, thhp_img7ere is that of promoting understanding between peoples and peace in the world. In this regard, Domenico Antonio Merola's proposal - former president of CIF Italy and then of the CIF international  - dates back to 2009, during the Conference held in Finland, to promote the “Peace Project”.

That is to directly experience the possibility of mutual understanding between people belonging to populations in conflict with each other. The occasion started with the observation of the situation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In fact, after the various delegations (starting with the Israeli one) agreed, the participation of Palestinian and Israeli representatives in subsequent conferences and exchange programs was practically promoted.

This model was then realized in the following programs which were held in Italy. Subsequently, other branches of the CIF, such as Finland, Norway and Israel, also carried out the project, thanks also to some donors.

Therefore, there were several Palestinian and Israeli participants who found themselves side by side to share their experiences lived "on the ground" in the hope of promoting ever greater mutual understanding. The project continued and culminated in a meeting organized by CIF Italy (at Sassone, Rome) in 2018 when dozens of participants from all over the world discussed the objectives of the "Peace Project" that will continue to be pursued.



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The C.I.F. Italy on 19 February 2022 in a ceremony at the "Cascella" building in Aversa (CasertP_20220219_161218_1_p_CIF_1a) received a national award as a "speP_20220219_182235_1_p_CIF_3cial mention" by the "Memoriae" Association for its commitment in the social field and promotion of peace. The plaque was delivered by the head of the Association to the President of CIF Italy Barbara Bellotto who thanked for the attention shown towards the activities of CIF Italy, which has been operating since 1987. The "Memoriae" award, in its second edition, was established by Gennaro Del Prete in particular to commemorate the figure of his father Federico, an innocent victim of the Camorra, who was murdered on February 18, 2002. This Association also carries out numerous other activities in support of respect for legality and for social development.

In the photos on the left: Maria Lorenzoni Stefani, Barbara Bellotto (President of CIF Italy), Gennaro Del Prete, Mimmo Merola; on the right the moment of conferment and the delivered plate.