assistenti sociali social workers-Exchange programs for social workers and Youth leaders

Exchange Programmes for Social Workers and Youth Leaders

italian program

The Council of International Fellowship is an independent, private, voluntary organization, which promotes exchange programs for human service workers.and related professions.
The deadline for application is generally in march . The application form must be sent to CIF Italia address.

The most recent exchange program was held 
in September 2022. We are currently working on the new one. 
We will publish the relevant information as soon as possible.

C.I.F. main objectives are:

to increase professional knowledge in the field of human services (in particular social work) by learning from one another;

to increase the understanding of the world's diverse cultures through contact among the participants themselves and so contribute to promote world peace.

         The program include:

         Introductory phase

The introductory phase give the participants the possibility to know and understand salient aspects of the Italian social and political life, as a background reference to better comprehend the general organization of the social service system. Seminars, meetings and agency visits are utilized to present the different realities. The participants also have the opportunity to exchange iinformation about their own Countries.

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    • Fieldwork experience
    • Placements in the areas previously indicated are offered for a second period in various parts of Italy. Due to the limits of time and the language barrier during this phase, the participant will probably have the role of a mere observer. The combination itself of study, fieldwork, exchange, reciprocal learning and teaching on an international level gives the program its
    • unique and peculiar characteristic.       
    •                                                                                                             Final evaluation

In the last three-day phase, the participants express their ideas and feelings on the whole experience.

                                                                                                                                 Other activities

        During the program, there is the possibility to live informal moments (social reunions, meals, social activities, etc.) that altogether represent other significant occasions for further interpersonal exchanges. So far our experience has been successful in creating the right conditions to allow people to get to know each other as people with full respect and appreciation for differences.