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                             What is CIF

The Council of International Fellowship

is an independent, private, voluntary organization, which promotes exchange programs for human service workers.

C.I.F. main objectives are::
  • to increase professional knowledge in the field of human services (in particular social work) by learning from one another;
  • to increase the understanding of the world's diverse cultures through contact among the participants themselves and so contribute to promote world peace.

The Council of International Programs (C.I.P.), originally The Cleveland International Program, was founded in the U.S.A. in 1956, and it's the largest multinational specialist program of its kind.
Each year, about 200 human service professionals and volunteers from about 85 Countries participate in C.I.P. Programs in the United States, for either four months or thirteen months.
Since 1956, more than 5,000 participants from 110 Countries have been a part of CIP activities. Former C.I.P. participants officially organized the alumni association named The Council of International Fellowship (C.I.F.), establishing national branches.
C.I.F. INTERNATIONAL, constituted formally in 1960, has grown consistently through the years; in fact today it counts thousands of members in about 100 different countries.

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For eligibility requirements, length of stay, application deadlines and other details, please contact your National Branch. If your country does not have a branch, obtain information from the contact person in your country or directly to the host country where you plan to participate in the Exchange Programs

Seminar held in Caserta on                    Oct.15th,2016   by Bruna Palonta 
exchanges: an added value Seminario_Caserta_foto or necessity? What meaning for Social Workers and other help professions in  the contemporary globalized society?"           
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CIF International publishes a World News magazine since 1977.

Since 1958 CIF organized a biannual conference to keep alive his goals and spirit, to offer the possibility to participants to meet again, to reflect about import current issues, to develop professional knoweledge, to know a specific Country from a different perspective. In fact the Conferences are organized in cooperation with the national branches on a voluntary basis.

The latest CIF Conference was hosted by CIF Sweden

Here is the list of the past conferences since 1958

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